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How is silicone wristband pricing determined?
How is silicone wristband pricing determined?

There are several factors.

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There are five main factors that determine pricing on our silicone wristband products. These factors are:

  1. The style of product chosen. 

  2. The number of ink colors in your design. 

  3. The quantity of items needed.

  4. Add-ons selected such as interior message, glitter, etc.

  5. The delivery date you need the wristbands.

Some tips for making your items cheaper:

  1. Reduce the number of ink colors. No ink (debossed only) is the cheapest option.

  2. Use a thinner product style. Ultra Thin is our least expensive item choice.

  3. Order early and utilize our free shipping. Turnaround time on free shipping orders is generally 10-14 days.

For base pricing information on all of our silicone products, please use the resources provided in the table below:


Link To Pricing Table

The Classic

The Ultra Thin

The Wide

The Ultra Wide

The Die Cut

The Super Rush

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