All orders are eligible for a free Digital Design Proof, but you will only receive a digital design proof if requested in one of the following ways: 

The "Add On Options" box requesting a "Digital Design Proof" is checked in your shopping cart:


A digital design proof is requested at the time of your order (no more than 3 hours after the order is placed) by speaking via phone, chat, or email, to one of our representatives. If requested through our representatives in a timely manner, we will ensure the order is marked as requiring a digital design proof for approval prior to production and we will email you confirmation of this update to your order.

If you make your design proof request outside of the 3 hour window post-purchase, it is possible the item will already be in production and the Digital Design Proof is no longer able to added to the order.


Your order, upon review by our art team, requires substantial changes from your online preview in order to be properly produced. For instance, if your order contains an upload, we will add your upload to your design and send you a free digital design proof automatically. This proof will require your approval prior to production starting on your items.

Important note: Customers receiving Digital Design Proofs will get them via email within 24 business hours of their order. You will need to approve your design proof prior to production starting, so please keep an eye out for this email. A delay in approving your design proof will result in a delay of the delivery of your order.

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