The wristband size you order should be based on your expected end user. If you're purchasing wristbands for a fifth grade field trip or the varsity football team, there is a big difference in your needs.

Generally speaking, most customers order the Adult size wristband. This is our most "universal" size and will fit the widest range of people. However, if you have specific groups of people in mind and think you need an alternative to our Adult sized wristband, here is a quick explainer on each size we offer:

Youth Wristbands

180mm (7.08 inches) in circumference. These items are recommended for children 6-12. They'll fit smaller adults, too! If you're ordering for a group of petite women, for instance, you might consider this option.

Adult Wristbands 

202mm (7.95 inches) in circumference. This is our best "one-size-fits-all" item. It is well fitted for most children 13+ and adults. Just think – It's better for the wristband to be a little big on some people than too small. If the wristband is too small, they likely can't wear it at all.

Large Wristbands 

216mm (8.5 inches) in circumference. If you think your group will have generally larger wrists than the average, this product makes the most sense. (I'm looking at you, college football team!)

Important note: You can mix and match sizes in your order. However, doing so incurs additional charges. The most cost effective way to arrange your order is by selecting the most appropriate single size for your group.

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