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How much should I resell my wristbands for?
How much should I resell my wristbands for?

That depends on what they're for!

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The price you resell your wristband for is up to you, but we've found the following price points to be successful for our clients:

For fundraising/awareness campaigns: Price your items between $1 and $5 per item. This is cheap enough to be a quick impulse buy for the end user, but enough of a margin vs the average unit order cost to make a tidy profit.

For retail: If you're selling your items on the shelf or online in a retail setting, we'd suggest pricing between $5 and $9.99. The higher price point should be reserved for particularly desirable brands with loyal followings (like a music group, for instance).

For promotion: If you're using the wristbands to get your brand name out there, consider giving the items away. Wristbands are a great throw-in with a higher priced item like a shirt or hat. And with our wristbands usually costing less than a dollar a piece, they're an affordable way to get people talking!

If you're interested in retail packaging, contact us. We can design and produce this for you!

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