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Can I submit a tax exemption certificate?
Can I submit a tax exemption certificate?

Wristband Bros accepts tax exempt certificates from qualified customers.

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At Wristband Bros, we handle taxes differently depending on your state. If you live in one of the states where we're required to collect tax, you'll see a tax total in your order summary. But hey, if you're tax-exempt, we've got you covered! Just click on the question mark next to the 'Tax to be collected' line in your order summary. That'll open up a nifty little box where you can tell us what kind of entity you are and even upload your tax exempt certificate. Once you do that, bam! No more tax on your order. Easy peasy, right? We're here to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible!

Here is an image of the Tax to be collected line in your order summary:

Clicking on the question mark will pull up the process to submit your tax exempt certificate:

From there, choose your entity type from the dropdown menu and then use the blue upload button to upload your certificate.

Once those steps are completed, you will no longer have a tax value added to your order.

Important note: A valid Tax Exemption certificate must be provided for the state in which this order will be shipped. Failure to provide a valid Tax Exemption certificate prior to shipment will result in the original tax being charged at shipment time.

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